Pelosi Caught Celebrating Government Shutdown, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lets Her Have it

Kirsters Baish| The United States military has been snubbed of their paychecks. They aren’t even able to view one of their extremely limited entertainment sources overseas currently, the Armed Forced Network. Now there are 9 million children in the United States whose medical care is on the line thanks to the Democrats as well. All of this nonsense is going on because Chuck Schumer decided to shut down the federal government.

The reason for all of this? The Democrats have decided to be extremely petty because they weren’t getting their way.

Biz Pac Review reported that United States military personnel are the ones who are facing the consequences of the federal government shutdown of 2018. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t let this stop her from inviting House Democrats to a lovely dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate the shutdown.

The group of Democrats met up at a Capitol Hill Italian restaurant called Acqua al 2. It seems that they were actually celebrating their little vacation during the federal government shutdown, which is being called “Schumer’s Shutdown” by the White House following Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s refusal to agree on a stopgap funding measure.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn’t about to let the Democrats slip by with their insulting celebration.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly took to Twitter to explain her point of view on the matter writing, “Nancy Pelosi is ‘very proud’ Democrats shut the government down over illegal immigration and is taking Democrats out tonight to celebrate. Nice message to send to the brave men & women of our military and border patrol forced to work without pay during the #DemocraticShutdown.”

Then, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s deputy press secretary Molly Edwards decided to respond by tweeting, “Surely this isn’t true. Surely Leader Pelosi isn’t taking her grandstanding caucus to an extremely nice dinner while the government is shut down and most of its employees are furloughed. Right?” It was clear that her tweet was meant to shame the Democrats who decided to celebrate while others suffered.

Nancy Pelosi wasn’t about to get off scotch free with this one. To Pelosi tax cuts are merely “crumbs” when dropping wads of cash on a fancy dinner.

The majority of the military don’t have the chance to eat a $58 steak dinner even though they’re putting their lives on the line to serve us. They especially don’t have this opportunity when Pelosi is withholding their entire paychecks. In the meantime, she is still getting her paycheck. Members of our military were understandably upset.

The Democrat caucus should be completely and totally ashamed of themselves.