President Trump Walked into the Pentagon & Did Exposed The Dems For Who They Really Are

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump is a man who isn’t afraid to do what he knows is right, even when the Democratic Party is after him like a pack of wolves to a sheep. He is making claims that the Democrats can’t refute, and they are shaking in their boots. Trump has now blamed the Democratic Party for the government shutdown. Before meeting with United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis as well as other military officials, President Trump made the claim that the Democrats are to blame for the eminent federal government shutdown.

As President Trump made his way past reporters, he stared straight into a camera with a message that was meant directly for the Democratic Party. If they do shut down the federal government in their pathetic attempt to save the DACA program, they are hurting the United States military more than anyone else.

If the Democratic Party really does shut down the federal government, they will be harming our troops more than anyone else. If you think of it this way, it makes sense. The Democrats seem to care more about the feelings and well being of illegal immigrants rather than American troops. These men and women have sacrificed their entire lives to defend this great nation, and the Democrats would rather put illegal aliens before them. President Trump is just the man that we need running our country at such a critical point in our history. It’s time to put our feet down when it comes to DACA and defending the “rights” of illegal immigrants.

Let’s start putting the rights of American citizens before those of people who have made their way here illegally. What the Democratic Party continues to fail to comprehend is that we simply cannot support the masses of illegals that are entering into our country every single year. As it is, there aren’t enough jobs to go around for American citizens. President Trump is working on changing all of that by creating new jobs, but the left is fighting him every single step of the way. It really makes you stop and think just what the Democrats are fighting for.